How Fuel Cards Help Melbourne Star Limos & Taxis

By Wayne Taylor

Last updated Aug 27, 2021

Melbourne Star Limos & Taxi caters for a wide variety of services including taxi services, airport & hotel transfers, private tours, Limos for parties and corporate events.

Card: Fleet Card


What do Melbourne Star Limos use a fuel card for?

  • Fuelling 8 vehicles
  • Keeping at least 4 vehicles on the road at all times

How has Fleet Card helped Melbourne Star Limos?

Businesses like Melbourne Star Limos need consistency especially with a number of vehicles consistently on the move. Drivers want the flexibility to go to any fuel station available in the area they are in and pay a reasonable price. Fuel card providers sometimes force changes with fuel discounts and fuel card fees causing a lot of stress to business owners as they have to constantly shop around for better deals.

One of the things they do is advertise hard and then increase the prices at the pump. All the discounts eventually become non-discounts. When we had Shell Card, it was fine except Shell were charging more than the other fuel card providers. BP were reasonably priced at times but limited to the BP fuel network. The 7-Eleven fuel card is something that we would look at and are glad that they’ve gone back into accepting Mobil fuel cards. We found Fleet Card to be handy as we have the flexibility to use it at different fuel networks. We are still able to use the 7-Eleven network with our Fleet Card and continue receiving the 2c off per litre discount

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