Shell Fuel Card Releases MYOB & Xero Integration

By Ally Burnie

Last updated Dec 15, 2023

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    • Streamlines business administration tasks
    • Automatically handles invoice processing, reducing manual effort.
    • Facilitates quicker and more efficient bill payments.
    • Automatic data entry minimises errors, ensuring accurate financial reporting.

    Shell Card has just introduced integration with MYOB and Xero, meaning you can link your fuel expenses directly to your accounting software.

    This integration will revolutionise the way your business handles fuel expenses, making it easier, faster, and more efficient.

    Let’s dive into how this works and why it’s such a big deal for your business.

    Who Does This Benefit?

    This integration is a game-changer for small and medium-sized businesses, especially those with fleets.

    If you’re using Shell Card for fuel expenses, this new feature means you can directly integrate these expenses into your accounting software.

    It’s perfect for business owners who want to streamline their financial processes, reduce manual data entry, and have a clearer insight into their expenses.

    You have the power to choose how you want your Shell Card transactions to be calculated in MYOB/Xero, including:

    • Summary of total invoice amount
    • Summary of total invoice amount by card number
    • Summary of total invoice amount bu registration
    • Summary of total invoice amount by product type
    • Summary of total invoice amount by card number and product type
    • Summary of total invoice amount by registration number and product type

    Why is This Move to MYOB/Xero Integration Significant?

    The significance of Shell Card’s integration with MYOB and Xero lies in its potential to vastly simplify financial management.

    By automatically updating fuel expense data directly into these accounting platforms, businesses gain real-time insights into their spending.

    This not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy of financial records. With less time spent on manual data entry and reconciling expenses, business owners can focus more on strategic decisions and grow their businesses.

    MYOB & Xero Integration Explained

    • Set Up in a Snap: Connecting your Shell Card with MYOB/Xero is super easy.
    • Seamless Transactions: Say goodbye to manual entry. Your fuel expenses go straight from Shell Card to MYOB/Xero.
    • Quick Updates: Your Shell Card transactions show up in MYOB/Xero in just 20 minutes.
    • Who Can Use It: If you’re the account’s main user (Super User), you can access this feature under the “Reporting” tab.
    • Finding Your Bills: All your unpaid bills will be neatly listed under Purchases > Bills in MYOB.

    How to Connect MYOB/Xero Account to the Shell Card Portal

    1. Click on the XERO/MYOB Integration feature in your Reporting tab
    2. Click Connect to Xero/MYOB.
    3. This will navigate you to the Xero/MYOB Login page > Please enter your login details.
    4. If you have Two Factor Authentication, please follow the prompts accordingly.
    5. You will then get a prompt to allow the Shell Card Portal access to connect the two systems.
    6. You will now see a connected icon in green.
    7. Now that you are connected, please select your aggregate and your contact.
    8. Once you are complete, click Save.

    Why Shell Card is a Business Gamechanger

    Choosing a Shell Card for your business comes with numerous benefits, which we’ve outlined below.

    Benefits Details
    Reduce Costs Track every purchase, fuel discounts, fraud protection, and manage budgets with online spending control.
    Save Time Automatic GST statements, manage multiple cards online, pay-at-pump with Shell Card GO.
    Earn Rewards Earn Flybuys points, and a variety of rewards at Shell Coles Express.
    Additional Advantages Less paperwork, instant account access, low fees ($2.50/card/month), top security (including adding spend limits, and PIN verification).

    Take Your Business Further with Shell Card

    Linking your Shell Card with MYOB or Xero isn’t just convenient, it’s a smart business move. You save time, reduce errors, and get a clearer picture of your expenses.

    Plus, with the added perks and savings from Shell Card, managing business finances just got a whole lot easier and more rewarding.

    So, why wait? Make the switch and streamline your business finances today.

    Save 6c/l + $0 card fees in promo period

    Access 1,250 sites Australia wide. Friendly credit terms for new businesses.
    Enquire To Save

    Shell Card FAQs

    Do you get cheaper fuel with a Shell fuel card?

    Yes! You’ll get a fixed 2c/l discount on Unleaded and 4c/l discount on Premium Unleaded. Shell often has promo discounts when you sign up. Right now, you can save 6c/l for 6 months. Enquire here.

    Is there a monthly fee for a Shell Card fuel card?

    The Shell Card does have a low monthly card admin fee of just $2.50 per card.

    Can any business get a Shell Card account?

    Any business can apply for a Shell Card. All you need is a valid ABN.

    I don’t use much fuel in my business. Is it still worth getting a Shell Card?

    Yes! Shell Card makes managing your business’ fuel easy, whether you have one vehicle or a whole fleet.

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