How Fuel Cards Help AMH Civil

By Wayne Taylor

Last updated Feb 19, 2022

Business partners Joe Mansell & Josh Jensen formed AMH Civil in 2018 as a civil contracting business with a vision to bring strong leadership to a changing civil construction landscape. AMH Civil's mixed capabilities allow it to take on several types of activities such as mechanical excavation, cable hauling etc. , and has been successful in capitalising on the opportunity to work on the NBN project.

Card: Fleet Card



What do AMH Civil use a fuel card for?

  • Keeping 5 company vehicles fueled and on the road
  • Easily manage weekly fuel spend for all company vehicles


How has Fleet Card helped AMH Civil?

AMH Civil reached out to fuel card providers including Fleet Card when they initially started but the verdict was to wait until the ABN was 12 months old. During the 1st year the business was forced to use credit cards in order to make fuel purchases which soon started becoming an issue.

We contacted Fleet Card after the business turned 12 months old. We were asked to put a bond down and got approved for a $500 credit limit which we could top up each week. That was a fantastic outcome as it meant I could sit here and do my work and top up the account each week to ensure all the vehicles were fueled. We mainly service Melbourne CBD, Melbourne’s northern and western suburbs (ex: Somerton, Glenroy, Middle Park) and Fleet Card gives us the flexibility to use a number of service stations in those areas.


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