Best Fuel Card Offerings & New Financial Year Deals to Save Your Business $$$

By Ally Burnie

Last updated Jul 10, 2024

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    As the new financial year rolls in, it’s the perfect time to tighten up your business budget and save some cash. One of the easiest ways to cut costs is by optimising your fuel expenses. In this blog, we’ll dive into the best fuel card offerings and deals available right now. These fuel cards can lower your overhead costs for the new financial year and keep your business running smoothly.

    FCC’s Top Picks:

    Shell Card

    Current Deal: Save 6c per litre for the first 6 months.

    The Shell Card makes managing your fleet’s fuel simple and saves you money. With Shell’s extensive network, your drivers will always have a place to refuel. Perfect for both local and international businesses, this card keeps your fuel purchases secure and streamlined.

    Why Choose Shell Card: 

    • Expense Management: Integrates with Xero and MYOB, making bookkeeping and tax time a breeze.
    • Pay for Petrol In-App: Manage multiple cards through the Shell Card Portal and pay at pump with the Shell Card GO App.
    • Rewards Program: Earn Flybuys points on purchases, adding extra value every time you fill up.

    Best For: Small to medium-sized businesses and logistics companies that frequently use Shell stations and value integrated expense tracking​.

    Save 6c/l + $0 card fees in promo period

    Access 1,250 sites Australia wide. Friendly credit terms for new businesses.
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    Current Deal: Save 6c/L off at Shell & Coles petrol stations for the first 12 months (and $0 card fees). 

    FleetCard makes fleet management easy and cost-effective. It gives you real-time control and detailed reports on fuel and maintenance expenses. Accepted at over 90% of fuel stations across Australia, it’s an excellent tool for businesses looking to cut vehicle costs.

    Why Choose FleetCard:

    • High Acceptance Rate: Accepted at over 90% of fuel sites across Australia, ensuring your drivers can refuel almost anywhere.
    • Comprehensive Expense Control: Offers detailed spending reports and the ability to set limits on purchases.
    • Extensive Partner Network: Access discounts on a wide range of services including tyres, repairs, and maintenance.

    Best For: Businesses with large fleets, such as transport and logistics companies, needing broad fuel station coverage and detailed expense management​.

    Save up to 6c per litre on fuel for your business

    Best fuel station coverage coverage with 5800+ sites.
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    WEX Motorpass

    Current Deal: Take 5c off per litre for six months.

    WEX Motorpass is widely accepted across Australia, making it easy to find a service station wherever you go. With access to over 5,800 locations, you’ll always find a place to refuel. Plus, enjoy discounts on fuel, tyres, batteries, and even accommodation.

    Why Choose WEX: 

    • Wide Network: Accepted at 93% of fuel sites nationwide, offering great convenience.
    • Versatile Use: Can be used for more than just fuel, including servicing, tyres, and roadside assistance.
    • Easy Management: The WEX Motorpass mobile app allows for on-the-go account management and finding accepting sites.

    Best For: Small to large businesses looking for a flexible fuel card that offers extensive coverage and additional services beyond just fuel.

    Caltex StarCard

    Current Deal: Save 7c/l for the first 12 months with Caltex Closed Loop StarCard, and 7c/l for 7 months on Open Loop.  

    Formerly PumaCard, the Caltex StarCard offers a hassle-free way to manage your fleet’s fuel expenses. It’s flexible and secure, giving you various control options to fit your needs. With StarCard, you get added security and value, making it a smart choice for your business.

    Why Choose the Caltex StarCard:

    • Extensive Network: Accepted at over 6,000+ locations nationwide, making it easy to find a fuel station wherever your fleet travels.
    • Expense Management: Provides detailed transaction reporting and integrates with various accounting systems, simplifying your bookkeeping.
    • Two Card Options: StarCard Open Loop allows access to all Caltex and Puma Energy service stations. With Closed Loop fuel cards, you can avoid paying transaction fees and enjoy the power of Caltex with Techron.

    Best For: Small to medium-sized businesses and fleets that regularly visit Caltex stations and need detailed expense tracking and fuel discounts​.


    Current Deal: Save 6c per litre* on premium fuels for 10 months.

    AmpolCard offers great benefits at around 1,900 locations in Australia. Save on fuel with ongoing discounts of 4 cents per litre on premium petrol, 3 cents on premium diesel, and 2 cents on regular fuel. With a low monthly fee of $2.95 per card, it’s ideal for businesses that use Ampol regularly.

    Why Choose AmpolCard: 

    • Fuel Savings: Offers up to 6 cents per litre discount on premium fuels and 2 cents per litre on regular fuels.
    • Rewards Program: Collect Everyday Rewards points on fuel and in-store purchases, which can be redeemed for discounts at Woolworths, BWS, and Big W.
    • Wide Acceptance: Usable at over 1,900 Ampol locations across Australia, ensuring broad coverage for your fleet.

    Best For: Medium to large businesses looking for significant fuel savings and rewards programs to maximise value from their fuel expenses​.

    7 Eleven Fuel Pass

    Current Deal: Save up to 7c per litre on fuel at 7-Eleven for the first 11 months.

    The 7-Eleven Fuel Pass simplifies managing your business’s fuel expenses. Enjoy significant savings on fuel and easy expense tracking, giving you more time to focus on your core activities. Perfect for businesses looking for a straightforward fuel management solution.

    Why Choose 7-Eleven Fuel Pass:

    • Cost-Effective: Simple fee structure with no transaction fees and discounts up to 7 cents per litre based on volume.
    • Convenience: Provides a straightforward way to manage fuel expenses at 7-Eleven outlets.
    • Expense Tracking: Offers detailed transaction reports to simplify expense management.

    Best For: Small businesses that frequently use 7-Eleven stations and need a budget-friendly option for managing fuel expenses.

    Start Saving Today – Check Your Eligibility

    Don’t miss out on these incredible fuel card offers tailored to help your business cut costs and manage expenses more efficiently. Whether you need extensive network coverage, integrated expense tracking, or valuable reward programs, there’s a fuel card that fits your needs.

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    By checking your eligibility, you can quickly see which fuel cards offer the best deals and benefits for your specific requirements. Start saving on your fuel expenses and streamline your business operations today!

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