FleetCard Launches Australian-First EV Charge Card

By Ally Burnie

Last updated May 30, 2024

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    In big EV news, Australia now has its first electric vehicle charge card. FleetCard +Electric from FleetCard and Chargefox is a game-changer, allowing businesses to manage both petrol and EV expenses with one card. This will make fleet management much simpler for businesses, while also helping support the transition to a more sustainable future.

    Australia’s EV market is booming, with an estimated 180,000 EVs on the road and over 25,000 sold in just the first quarter of 2024. However, fuel card providers have been slow to catch up with this demand.

    Sam Steel, Managing Director of Corpay AUNZ (FleetCard’s parent company) highlights the importance of adding EV charging as an option. He says the FleetCard +Electric plays a crucial role in easing the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) for businesses.

    “We’re excited to offer our customers the choice to incorporate EV charging as part of their fleet and fuel card. While the term ‘Fuel Card’ has traditionally meant petrol or diesel, electricity is now an important fuel for transport, so it’s natural we added it to the list.”

    In this article, we’ll break down how FleetCard +Electric works and discuss when you can expect other fuel card providers to start offering EV charge card solutions.

    How FleetCard +Electric Works

    FleetCard +Electric operates similarly to a traditional fuel card, but with added features to support (EV) charging.

    • At fuel stations, you can use FleetCard +Electric as you would a regular fuel card. Swipe the card at participating fuel stations to pay for petrol or diesel.
    • To charge an EV, simply swipe the card at any of the Chargefox EV charging stations. The cost of the charge will be billed directly to the business account.

    At the end of each month, your business will receive a single consolidated invoice that includes all fuel and EV charging transactions. This makes it easy to review expenses and manage budgets.

    This is excellent news for businesses that have already transitioned their fleet to EVs or are in the process of transitioning and currently operate both petrol and EV cars. It allows them to streamline operations and reduce administrative tasks, two of the major business benefits of fuel cards.

    Where Can You Use Your FleetCard +Electric Card?

    FleetCard +Electric can be used at a wide range of locations across Australia, covering both traditional fuel stations and EV charging points.

    Traditional Fuel Stations

    FleetCard +Electric is accepted at over 90% of fuel stations across Australia, including major brands and independent operators. Some of the covered fuel stations include:

    • BP
    • Ampol
    • Shell
    • Caltex
    • 7-Eleven
    • United Petroleum
    • Metro Petroleum

    EV Charging Stations

    For electric vehicle charging, FleetCard +Electric provides access to the extensive Chargefox network, which includes over 2,000 charging stations. Chargefox is the largest EV charging network in Australia, offering both fast and ultra-rapid charging options. Key locations in the Chargefox network include:

    • Chargefox ultra-rapid charging stations
    • Chargefox fast charging stations
    • Partner networks that include public charging points at shopping centres, car parks, and service stations

    Additional Services & Partners

    Apart from fuel and EV charging, FleetCard +Electric can also be used at over 6,000 partner sites for various car-related services. These services include:

    • Tires
    • Glass repair and replacement
    • Car washes
    • Battery services
    • Vehicle servicing and repairs
    • Parts and fluids

    Proving its commitment to sustainability, FleetCard is also bringing out new sustainable physical cards made using SICO-R – a sustainable PVC film produced with 99 per cent recycled PVC from industrial waste.

    The State of Mixed Fleet Cards in Australia

    As more businesses switch to electric vehicles, having fuel cards that support both petrol and electric charging is becoming essential. Right now, FleetCard is the only company in Australia offering a card that covers both traditional fuel and EV charging.

    Internationally, companies like BP already offer similar mixed fuel cards, which suggests it’s only a matter of time before they bring these services to Australia. BP’s experience abroad shows a growing trend of integrating EV charging with traditional fuel services, making fleet management easier. Ampol has also announced plans to launch mixed fuel cards “soon,” but they haven’t provided a specific timeline yet.

    The EV market in Australia is growing fast. And, as more businesses aim for sustainability, the need for mixed fleet fuel cards will only increase. Fuel card providers need to catch up quickly to meet this demand and help businesses transition to greener fleets.

    FleetCard Launches Australian-First EV Charge Card

    FleetCard is the only fuel card program to currently offer mixed fleet fuel cards. 

    Which Australian Fuel Sites Offer EV Charging?

    Several major fuel stations in Australia have begun offering EV charging facilities to accommodate the growing number of electric vehicles. These include:

    • BP
    • Ampol
    • Shell
    • 7-Eleven

    Apart from these fuel providers, there are dedicated EV charging stations like Chargefox, Tesla, NRMA, Evie Networks, Jolt & Exploren.

    The Future of Mixed Fleet Fuel Cards in Australia

    The future looks bright for mixed fleet fuel cards in Australia as more businesses embrace electric vehicles. FleetCard +Electric has set a new standard by offering a comprehensive solution that includes both petrol and EV charging.

    As the demand for such services grows, other fuel card providers will need to innovate and catch up to meet the needs of modern businesses. With the rapid expansion of the EV market and a strong focus on sustainability, it’s only a matter of time before mixed fleet fuel cards become the norm, supporting a seamless transition to greener, more efficient fleet management.

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