Best Fuel Cards With No Monthly Fees [2019]

By Jennifer Hong


Last updated Aug 27, 2021

Looking for no-fee fuel cards to minimise your fuel spending? It’s a difficult task since if you want no card fees, you may have to lower your expectations in other areas.

The search does take some thinking and patience. Getting everything you are looking for never comes easy! To help you in your pursuit of the best fuel card with maximum savings, we have identified 6 fuel cards with no monthly or annual fees worth considering.

Here’s a table to help you compare.

You should carefully consider which one will give you the most savings based on the number of employees, monthly fuel expenditures, and the geographical scope of your operations.

Fuel CardCard FeesDiscountCoverage
Shell Fuel Card*
(Promotion until Dec 31, 2019)
$0*6¢ per litre off fuel purchases at BP sites for 6 months1200 Shell sites across Australia
BP Plus Fuel Card*
(Promotion until Feb 28, 2019)
$0*6¢ per litre off fuel purchases at BP sites for 6 months1400 BP sites across Australia
7-Eleven Fuel Card$0**1-3¢ per litre based on annual usage400 7-Eleven sites across NSW, ACT, Victoria, and Queensland
Freedom Fuels Retail Business Account Card
(Only for businesses with over $1,000 monthly fuel spending)
$01¢ to 6¢ per litre rebateFreedom Fuels sites only in Brisbane but a few partnership terminal locations mostly on the east coast
Pacific Petroleum Local Card</strong?$0No listed discount on fuel purchases50 Pacific Petroleum sites mostly across NSW, Queensland, and Victoria
Fuel Distributors of Western Australia (FDWA)$0No listed discount on fuel purchases12 FDWA sites throughout Western Australia

*Shell and BP – Promotional Deals

Shell and BP are two of the most popular and widely used fuel cards. Hence, they normally will charge a monthly fee but both are currently offering 6-month-without-monthly-fee deals for new customers. For Shell, the application deadline is December 31, 2019. If you want to also receive membership to their reward program, you should sign up before May.

For BP, the deadline is fastly approaching – February 28, 2019. However, be on the lookout for more promotional deals as they offer them from time to time.

After 6 months, you will be required to pay $2-3 per card per month.

**7-Eleven Fuel Card Transaction Fees
While 7-Eleven fuel cards do not charge any card fees, they do charge a 35¢ transaction fee each time a card is used. They also offer 44 payment free days and flexible payment options without requiring businesses to be locked into any contracts!

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  1. We are interested in either the BP or Shell card offers…. We are a national organisation with over 12,000 members. I am wondering… if the offers are still available (if yes) then I would like to discuss the future monthly card fees in more detail…