Top 3 Fuel Cards for Heavy Vehicles

By Jennifer Hong

Last updated Dec 06, 2023

If your fleet operations involve heavy vehicles and rely on diesel, you may want to consider fuel cards focused on diesel savings.

To help you find the fleet fuel expense management option that works best for your business, we analysed all available nation-wide fuel cards and have identified the following top 3 fuel cards for the heavy-vehicle fleet, along with any ongoing promotions or deals.

Keep in mind that your business may be entitled to fuel tax credits if it involves heavy vehicles. Check the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) site for more info.

WEX Motorpass Fuel Card

Discounts and Benefits

WEX Motorpass Fuel Card, the original multi-branded t offers a range of discounts which vary based on locations but they provide access to exclusive discounts on diesel fuel at 50 sites across Australia. These offers range from 2 to 4 cents per litre while some offer weekly fixed price deals. To ensure that your drivers have access to the best deals, they will send you weekly updates with the latest diesel discounts and locations via email or SMS.

Currently, WEX Motorpass has a partnership with Caltex & Caltex Woolworths which offers businesses additional opportunities for savings. For instance, you can get 4 cents off per litre at Caltex locations for all fuels except for LPG with additional discounts when you shop at Caltex Woolworths. You must apply before the end of April to access these additional benefits.

You will receive monthly reports to help you track your savings.

WEX Motorpass cards could also include discounts on other vehicle expenses if desired.


Accepted at 93% of fuel stations in Australia with over 6,000 locations. It also provides exclusive discounts on diesel fuel at 50 fuel sites which are updated weekly.

Card Fees

Given the available discounts and network size, WEX Motorpass does charge decent fees. The monthly card fees depend on the number of cards you order. An $8 card fee will be charged when you order additional or replacement cards and possible payment processing fees depending on your method of payment as well as late payment penalties.

There are no transaction fees except at Coles Express (1%).

Save 1c/L on Fuel

Discounts at several service & repairs merchants. No transaction fees.
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Fleet Card Shell Truck Card

Discounts and Benefits

Business Fleet Card is a multi-branded fuel card provider. Their Shell truck card offers discounts up to 6 cents on both petrol and diesel at participating sites and additional discounts on diesel at truck-friendly sites within the growing Shell and Coles Express network.

The Shell Truck Card through Fleet Card provides specialised fuels including Ultra High Flow Diesel and AdBlue® at Pump/ AdBlue® Pack which are often not included in many fuel cards’ discounts. In addition, it also allows up to 51 days of interest-free credit.

It’s important to note that these cards can be used for oil and fuel purchases only.


Accepted at over 90% of fuel stations in Australia with great discounts applied at over 1,000 Shell sites and additional diesel discounts applied at over 200 truck-friendly Shell and Coles Express sites.  These sites include truck forecourts and parking as well as toilets and shower facilities.

Card Fees

There are no card fees or transaction fees.

Save 6c per Litre at Shell Stations

Best fuel station coverage coverage with an extensive non-fuel network. Highest interest free period of 51-days.
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BP Plus Fuel Card

Discounts and Benefits

BP Plus Fuel Card offers discounts on fuel across BP sites and certain partner locations based on card products. They often have promotional deals for new customers, providing 6 cents off per litre on all fuels except for LPG and AdBlue.

BP has a specialist discount network to provide exclusive deals on other vehicle expenses such as tyres and repairs. You will be able to choose motor fuel of your choice including BP Ultimate, BP Unleaded with up to 10% renewable ethanol, and diesel.

Lastly, BP allows up to 51 days of interest-free credit.


There are over 1,400 BP service stations across Australia, 500 of which are truck-friendly (the highest # of truck-friendly stations in Australia). BP truck stops include shower and laundry facilities, truck drivers’ lounge and healthy meals among others.

Card Fees

For 3 cards or more, they charge $2.20 per card per month without any application fees. They sometimes have promotional deals which offer 0 monthly fees for the first 6 months.

(Fleetcare is currently offering fee-free BP fuel cards – for fuel and oil purchases only – with likely lower discounts than that of BP Plus Fuel Card.)

More information:

6c/L off in Promo period

Lowest credit card processing fees. Access to 1,400 BP stations across Australia.
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