🤑 REAL Fuel Discounts That You Can Take Advantage Of WITHOUT A Fuel Card ⛽

By Rich Weddell

Last updated Feb 19, 2022

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    Ever wondered how you can shave off a few dollars when filling up at the petrol station? We did, and found all the real offers that you can take advantage of which doesn’t involve saving through reducing fuel usage.

    In the calculation examples we’ve used below, it’s assumed we’re filling up 65L of normal Unleaded Petrol.

    1. Save 12c per litre at Shell by discount stacking

    This is by far the biggest discount and works as advertised by stacking 3 different promotions:

    1. 4c off from your your docket after spending over $30.00 worth of groceries from Coles
    2. 4c off from using a partner app such as CarSales.com.au or Linkt
    3. 10c off from spending an additional $20.00 in-store at Coles Express

    💰$11.70 in savings but you spent an extra $8.30 from the additional $20.00 in-store to get it.

    💰$5.20 in savings if only the 4c docket and 4c partner app is stacked. Assuming you fill up once a week, that’s a saving of $270.00 per year.

    2. Save 4c per litre at Shell with CarSales.com.au

    As mentioned in the promo stacking, this offer from CarSales.com.au requires you to download the app and enter your Car + Odometer. By sharing your data with them, they reward you by passing a 4c off per litre discount to be used at Shell Coles Express stations. The discount only applies to petrol and NOT diesel, LPG or AdBlue.

    💰$2.60 saved per tank, or $135.00 a year. There is a maximum limit of 150L too per transaction – if you’re filling up 150L, 4c off saves you a total of $6.00.

    3. Save 4c per litre at Shell by shopping at Coles

    Everyone should know this one – whenever you spend more than $30 at Coles or some stores under the Coles group like Dan Murphy’s, your docket will show a barcode for 4c off per litre. Redeem them by taking the docket with you to Shell when you fill up to claim the 4c off before it expires (yes, they expire). Unlike the CarSales.com.au discount, this 4c offer includes all fuel types.

    💰$2.60 saved per tank, or $135.00 a year. It too has a maximum limit of 150L per transaction.

    4. Save 4c per litre at Shell by using a Linkt toll account

    The offer is only available to those who have the Linkt app and is a paying customer that uses Linkt to pay for tolls. Like the CarSales.com.au offer, the discount only applies to petrol and NOT diesel, LPG or AdBlue.

    💰$2.60 saved per tank, or $135.00 a year.

    5. Save 4c per litre by shopping at Ritchies

    This is a docket discount when you spend $25.00 or more at Ritchies. It’s redeemable only at participating fuel stations around the Ritchies supermarkets which includes brands such as BP, Caltex, and United.

    💰$2.60 saved per tank, or $135.00 a year.

    Find out more: https://www.ritchies.com.au/fuel-offer

    6. Save 3-5c per litre as an NRMA member at Caltex

    If you’re an NRMA member, download the NRMA app on your phone and visit a participating Caltex station with the app QR code to redeem 5c per litre off Vortex Premium fuels and 3c per litre off regular fuels.

    💰$3.25 saved per tank when using Vortex Premium of $2.70 saved on regular fuels.

    7. Save 4c per litre as an RAC member at PUMA & Better Choice

    Discounts apply to all fuel types and up to 120L across participating PUMA Energy and Better Choice petrol stations. Simply show your RAC membership card to get the discount.

    💰$2.60 saved per tank, or $135.00 a year. More information: https://www.rac.com.au/membership-benefits/discounts-and-special-offers/member-benefit-puma-energy

    8. Save 4c per litre as an RACQ member at PUMA

    Valid at participating PUMA Energy stations, simply present your RACQ membership card when filling up to receive the 4c per litre petrol discount.

    💰$2.60 saved per tank, or $135 a year. More information: https://www.racq.com.au/membership/what-you-get/discounts/puma-energy-fuel

    9. Save 6c per litre as an RACT member at United Petroleum

    As an RACT member in Tasmania, present your RACT card at participating United Petroleum stations to receive a very generous 6c off per litre.

    💰$3.90 saved per tank, or $203.00 a year. More information: https://www.ract.com.au/en/membership/member-rewards/united-fuel-discount

    10. Save 4c per litre when shopping at IGA’s in WA

    Similar to the Ritchies offer of shopping locally, IGA’s in WA have their own loyalty program for their shoppers who spend over $30 for groceries. Redeemable stations include BP, Vibe and Better Choice petrol stations.

    💰$2.60 saved per tank, or $135.00 a year.

    Notable mentions

    There are a few other less common associations, clubs and programs that reward you with fuel discounts so it pays to check with the companies you use if they have member offers.

    Some BP stores also run an offer of 8c per litre off if you buy any 2 Gatorade, G-Active & G2 600ml, Cool Ridge 750ml, King Bar 58-85g, Eclipse 40g varieties in any combination in the same transaction. Given you save $5.20 off a full tank, buying additional items negative any savings made. Normally these two additional items will cost $5.99 which would mean you pay an extra 80c for some snacks which in itself is pretty good.

    None of these offers with the exception of Shell Coles Express’ 10c offer when spending $20 in-store can be used in conjunction with any fuel card.

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